1. Hammer setting in STEIN TEC® Bedding Mortar BM 04: noteworthy is the open-pored structure, which guarantees the required water-permeability of kf > 5 x 10-5 m/s. Despite its high porosity, the mortar enables high adhesive bond to the surface element, especially at the application of STEIN TEC® Bond Adhesive “Haftfix”.

Hammerfest versetzen

2. Paved gutter channel in a pedestrian precinct.

Hammerfest versetzen

3. Paved road of sorted cobblestone, executed in bonded construction method applying the STEIN TEC® mortar system.


4. Bonded pavement surface with high value in use and long-standing high load capacity, immediately after completion. Interesting is, that there are no expansion joints at all, because thermal expansions are compensated by the elastic compression of the jointing mortar.

gebundene Pflasterfläche

5. Bonded laying: scaling pavement, grouted with STEIN TEC® Jointing Mortar HD 02 – 1K, after many years of use. It is to consider, that the field width of the scaling arc shall be designed not too small, as otherwise wide joints, in parts wedge-shaped joints may occur at the base. At non-bonded construction this would be damage-prone. At bonded construction the STEIN TEC® jointing mortars featuring high flowability, create the conditions for the professional standard-compliant narrow-joint laying. The required minimum width is 5 mm only, which can be completely filled up with mortar.