STEIN TEC® Bedding Mortar BM Gala

STEIN TEC® Bedding Mortar BM Gala

Bedding Mortar BM Gala is a pre-mixed bedding mortar that was explicitly conceived for garden and private landscaping areas (available in silo including mixing technique or as bag ware). It fulfills all the requirements stated in the ZTV Wegebau, and is not to be used for public projects. The use of BM Gala requires the simultaneous use of the STEIN TEC® Bond Adhesive “Haftfix”.

Use categories

Use category N1

Surface pavements that can be walked on and cannot be driven on by vehicles outside of road traffic areas (e.g. terraces, garden paths, paths in the home garden area, seats in parks).

Use category N2

Surface pavements that can be driven over for vehicles with a permissible total weight of up to 3.5 t outside of road traffic areas (e.g. garage entrances, car parking spaces)

Use category N3

Road pavements like load 2, but with occasional traffic with vehicles up to 20 t permissible total weight with wheel loads ≤ 5 t outside of traffic areas (e.g. care, maintenance and rescue routes as well as fire brigade, garages and building entrances)


high compressive strength
high adhesive tensile strength
high water-permeability
low-shrinkage and low-stress
polymer modified
very good processability
exclusively for garden and private landscaping areas


STEIN TEC® Bedding Mortars are to be mixed either using the horizontal flow-mixer mounted at the silo, or if delivered as bag ware in the positive mixer with clear cold water only in earth-moist texture (for more information see technical data sheet or print on bag). The paving blocks resp. slabs shall be finally set in the bedding mortar by hammering in correct height and alignment in the projected joint distance. By piling strike, a compaction of approx. 25 per cent of the mortar bed, professionally prepared, must be achieved underneath the element (required gross density of hardened mortar 1.900 kg/m³, cp. Technical data sheet). The mortar bed must be raised up by that slump.

The paved / slabbed surface must be cured. For further information refer to the technical data sheets of the corresponding STEIN TEC® Bedding Mortar.