STEIN TEC® Haftfix

STEIN TEC® Haftfix

STEIN TEC® Bond Adhesive "Haftfix" is a hydraulically binding, polymer-modified, highly processed adhesive bonding mortar with application-specific mineral and organic additives. STEIN TEC® Bond Adhesive "Haftfix" is available as bag ware. It is especially designed to increase the adhesive tensile strength of slabbed surfaces as well as of element surfaces with high load requirements, in general. “Haftfix” can also be used to improve the adhesive bond of bedding mortar on e.g. concrete foundations or concrete ceilings etc. (if applicable, consider water permeability!).


mineral base
very high adhesive tensile strength / adhesive power
Accelerated hardening
early loadable
good processability


STEIN TEC® Bond Adhesive "Haftfix" is to be mixed only with clear cold water, either by a stirring device or mixer, free of lumps. Stir up intensively again after 3 minutes of “maturing time”. Pot life approx. 60 minutes at 20° C.

For further information, see Technical bulletin STEIN TEC® Bond Adhesive "Haftfix".