Our Quicky is a fast-setting concrete. It is particularly suitable for the quick assembly and fixing of fence posts, garden gates, rotary clothes dryers, road signs, etc. The special feature: Quicky is a ready-mixed concrete and does not need to be mixed separately. Simply pour the contents of the bag into the hole and sprinkle with the given water quantity; the concrete is already solid after 5 minutes - Quicky !


fast setting (already after 5 minutes)
for quick assembly and fixing of fence posts, garden gates, rotary clothes dryers, street signs, etc.
no mixing required
for interior and exterior use
extremely fast
very easy to apply
frost resistant
not suitable for DIN-relevant building components.

Processing & Installation

Dig hole or trench in load-bearing, compacted soil.
Moisten side surfaces and soil with water, avoid puddles.
Insert the installation part, align and fix it in the correct position and height. Fill STEIN TEC® Quicky into the prepared hole.
Put in layers of max. 15cm height of dry mixture.
Subsequently, wet with the corresponding amount of water by means of a watering can.
When the water has completely seeped away, the following layer can be filled up and wetted with STEIN TEC® Quicky.
If necessary, compact by light tapping and pull off cleanly.
Hardening starts after approx. 5 minutes. A change in position is then no longer possible.
The auxiliary constructions for fixing the installation parts can be removed.
After approx. 1 hour, the components can be loaded. Final strength is achieved after approx. 28 days.


Für folgende Anwendungen geeignet:

Letter box
Bicycle stand
Park bench
Parking bar
Profile anchor
Rose trellis
Playground equipment
Bird house
Rotary clothes dryer
Garden lamp
Fence post