STEIN TEC® Fugenmörtel HD 02 - 1K

STEIN TEC® Jointing Mortar HD 02 - 1K

STEIN TEC® HD 02 – 1K is a hydraulically binding jointing mortar with application-specific mineral and organic additives. It is suited for surfaces used with up to heaviest loads and for special design. Of course, it is frost and de-icing agent resistant. Due to its specific compound, STEIN TEC® Jointing Mortar HD 02 – 1K is characterised by high flowability at coincident very good demixing stability and by high self-deaeration ability. Therefore, it is self-compacting and it is not necessary to compact it with machines. In association with its defined setting behaviour, the mentioned properties effect excellent processability and simplest cleansing of grouted surfaces.

STEIN TEC® Jointing Mortar HD 02 – 1K is available as bag ware (40 kg) and as Big Bag (1.000 kg) in three standard colours: light grey, medium grey and dark grey.

On demand, further technically feasible colours can be delivered (2,4 t minimum purchase for bag ware)


high compressive strength
high adhesive tensile strength
high water-permeability
frost and de-icing agent resistant
low-shrinkage and low-stress
polymer modified
very good processability
easy cleansing of surface after grouting


The grouting should take place – depending on the weather – one day after, at the latest 48 hours after the laying. If the grouting is possible only at a later date, please contact our technology department to come to an agreement.

Cleaning of the freshly jointed surface should either be done by a grout cleaning machine (highly recommended) or by sponge board for smaller surfaces. In case cleaning is executed by soft water/shower jet, the nozzle should be oriented flat angled to the surface and diagonally to the joint pattern, without removing or washing out the jointing mortar. If necessary clean carefully with a rubber slider.

The grouted surface must be after-treated. For further information see Technical data sheet of the respective STEIN TEC® Jointing Mortar.