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The ever-increasing volume of traffic and the associated higher loads and cleaning of public surfaces requires an efficient system. Our mortars meet these requirements within the scope of the bonded processing method. The surfaces paved with our mortars several decades ago have proven in long-term experience that our products are able to cope with current traffic volumes in the past as well as today.

Our fast-binding and heavy-duty mortar systems continue to be a special feature. These mortars enable rapid strength development for early load-bearing capacity and thus enable rapid construction progress.

In the bonded version, the entire structure is built with bonded layers. For the most part, this is carried out - in particular for public areas such as roads, ring roads, traffic circles - with hydraulically setting mortar systems such as our mortars. The STEIN TEC® products are especially adapted to the requirements of the paving stone and the possible loads.

In contrast to the unbound construction method, the bound construction method is a "rigid construction method". Some details should therefore be taken into account in the planning. This concern, for example, edgings, fixtures as well as the arrangement of the movement joints.

STEIN TEC® supplies you with the complete package for the execution of pavements and slabbed surfaces in bonded construction method. You will receive a long-lasting and highly attractive pavement.

In our current brochure you will find an excerpt of the current standards, which you can refer to for planning.

Each project has its own requirements. Our STEIN TEC team regularly coordinates with engineering offices, landscape architects and contractors. We provide you with understandable technical support for the application of our products and are happy to share our many years of experience with you. We are always available to answer your project-specific questions. From planning to execution, from both an engineering and architectural point of view.

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